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October 01, 2019
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Find out ways to alleviate your bunion symptoms.

Wondering if you might have a bunion? Whether you’ve been diagnosed already or you are looking for a podiatrist who can diagnose and Bunionstreat your bunion The Wisconsin Podiatric Medical Association can help you find a qualified foot care professional in the Milwaukee, Green Bay, Madison, Wausau and LaCrosse, WI areas to manage your symptoms and prevent the bunion from getting worse.

Treating a Bunion

If you aren’t experiencing any pain or discomfort then treatment may not be necessary; however, some people may experience swelling and pain, as the condition progresses. The job of your foot doctor is to prevent the deformity from progressing by providing you with simple at-home care and lifestyle changes that can improve your condition and its symptoms.

While the only way to correct a bunion is with surgery this is usually not recommended unless your symptoms are severe, unresponsive to other nonsurgical treatment options and greatly impact your quality of life. In the beginning, common ways to manage bunion symptoms include,

Wear Properly Fitted Shoes

This should be an obvious recommendation but one that shouldn’t go ignored. After all, high heels or shoes that put pressure on the bunion can make it worse. Make sure that any shoes you wear don’t bunch up your toes or have a heel taller than 2 inches. Talk with our podiatrist about whether custom orthotics could also help.

Wear a Bunion Pad

You can also find protective non-medicated pads at your local drugstore, which can be placed over the bunion before wearing shoes to prevent friction and a callus from forming when wearing shoes.

Other ways to ease symptoms include,

  • Taking over-the-counter pain relievers
  • Stretching and certain foot exercises
  • Steroid injections
  • Surgery (when other treatment options have failed)

If you are dealing with foot pain or other issues it’s important that you have a trusted podiatrist. The Wisconsin Podiatric Medical Association can help you find the right podiatrist in your area, whether you live in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Madison, Wausau or LaCrosse, WI. Find your foot and ankle specialist today by calling (608) 381-3530 or visiting our website with the convenient "Find a Podiatrist" feature.